Antioch Speedway Midget Lite Race Results August 22, 2015

  A Main Event: 1. #87 Charlie Caraccilo, 2. #72s Craig Dillard, 3. #35jr Dakota Albright, 4. #11 Scott Kinney, 5. #11vp Kayla Evans, 6. #9f Emilee Lundgren, 7. #13 Danika Jo « Read More »

Charlie Caraccilo banks $1,000 to win at Forni Classic – Placerville Speedway August 8 2015

    24 Midget lite teams signed in at the ever fast ¼ mile Placerville Speedway for the annual Forni Classic. This year the winner of the evening’s main event received an « Read More »

Stockton 99 Pavement August 8, 2015 Results

Qualifying: #17n (Nichols – Beast/Esslinger) Chad Nichols, San Carlos 12.825 #4 (Rosen – Beast/Fontana) Davey Hamilton Jr., Indianapolis IN 12.977 #51 (Maliepaard/Morris Mtrsports – Spike/Esslinger) Mark Maliepaard, Ripon 12.997 #29 (Eskesen – « Read More »


By Floyd Busby   MADERA, CA., NOV. 20: Local standout Cody Gerhardt finalized the Bay Cities Racing Association midget series season with the win at the Madera Speedway as Frank Guerrini Jr. officially became the 2015 BCRA Champion. Davey Hamilton Jr., driving the Rosen Mr. Espresso/Red Line Oil Beast/Fontana, scored the initial lead from the


By Floyd Busby STOCKTON, CA., NOVEMBER 14:  “Come West young man” was the call from veteran car owner Bob Rosen to Davey Hamilton Jr., and the third-generation driver did just that, then went out and scored the win in the 30-lap Bay Cities Racing Association midget feature on the Stockton 99 Speedway pavement. Driving Rosen’s 

Schutte tops BCRA Stockton field

By Bryan Gapinski Stockton, CA, Nov. 6—Alex Schutte won the 25-lap BCRA Midget Series Feature, Friday Night at the Stockton Dirt Track. The victory was the second career feature victory at the 3/8-mile clay oval for the Redding, California driver. On the pace laps lining up for the feature front row starters Britton Bock and

Lakeport Speedway Midget Race Results October 10, 2015

Qualifying: #6k (Snider – Beast/Mopar) Michael Snider, Kelseyville 11.970 #18 (Champion Automotive – Stealth/Esslinger) Floyd Alvis, San Carlos 12.224 #63 (F&F Racing – Beast/Esslinger) Frankie Guerrini, San Rafel 12.245 #2k (Snider – Beast/Mopr) Jodi Snider, Kelseyville 12.521 #46 (Holbrook – Stealth/Chevy) Rick Holbrook, Vacaville 12.663 #32k (Snider – Beast/Mopar) Jimmy Screeton, Belmont 12.671 #55 (Conterno

Ukiah Speedway Midget Race Results September 26, 2015

Qualifying: #63 (F&F Racing – Beast/Esslinger) Frankie Guerrini, San Rafel 12.396 #4 (Rosen – Beast/Fontana) Davey Hamilton Jr, Indianapolis IN 12.424 #6k (Snider – Beast/Mopar) Michael Snider, Kelseyville 12.581 #18 (Champion Automotive – Stealth/Esslinger) Floyd Alvis, San Carlos 12.881 #2k (Snider – Beast/Mopr) Jodi Snider, Kelseyville 13.137 #8   (Donaldson – Stealth/Gearte) Bill Lindsey, San Carlos

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