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Dakota Albright goes back-to-back with the BCRA Lightning Sprints in Placerville


Bay Cities Racing Association Lightning Sprints

Dakota Albright goes back-to-back with the BCRA Lightning Sprints in Placerville

Dakota Albright goes back-to-back with the BCRA Lightning Sprints in Placerville

By Gary Thomas

Placerville, CA…Waterford’s Dakota Albright has taken a liking to Placerville Speedway as of late and raced his second victory of the season on the red clay Saturday night.

“It’s great to get another win at Placerville during the Tribute to Al Hinds,” Albright commented. “David Gasper set a really good pace up front, and I don’t know what happened to him, but we had a great car and I’m pumped to standing in victory lane. I have to give a huge thanks to everybody that supports our race team.”

Santa Barbara youngster David Gasper grabbed the lead at the waving of the green flag in the 20-lap BCRA Lightning Sprint feature. Gasper was piloting a car now owned by long-time Placerville Speedway personality Jon Taylor and looked in the early stages.

A well-groomed Placerville quarter mile allowed for some outstanding racing and saw the first half of the race clicked off caution free. A lap 13 restart saw the complexion of the race change when Albright blasted around the outside to grab the lead. At the same time Gasper slowed with issues that ended his strong run.

Albright ran a mistake free race over the closing stages to cross under the Ron Stahl checkered flag for the victory. Cody Meyer had a career best run second, followed by Hunter Kinney in third, Josef Ferolito in fourth and Gregg Dennett in fifth. Nick Chivello had crossed the stripe in second, but muffler issues forced a DQ in the main event.

Two heat races were held during the night and were claimed by Nick Chivello and Matt Land. Greg Dennett began the evening by earning fast time with a lap of 12.184.

The Bay Cities Racing Association Lightning Sprints will return to action on May 6th at Placerville Speedway, this time without the wings during First Responders Night.

A Feature Results – Tribute to Al Hinds Placerville Speedway

  1. 35JR-Dakota Albright[3]; 2. 17F-Cody Meyer[8]; 3. 25K-Hunter Kinney[5]; 4. 18-Josef Ferolito[6]; 5. 47-Greg Dennett[9]; 6. 3F-Harlee Aguilera[7]; 7. 51-David Gasper[4]; 8. 11S-Danielle Clauson Sevo[11]; 9. 21-Bradley Schmidt[12]; 10. 91-Matt Land[1]; 11. 9-Scott Kinney[10]; 12. (DQ) 27-Nick Chivello[2]

Heat 1 8 Laps

  1. 27-Nick Chivello[1]; 2. 35JR-Dakota Albright[3]; 3. 3F-Harlee Aguilera[2]; 4. 17F-Cody Meyer[4]; 5. 47-Greg Dennett[5]; 6. 21-Bradley Schmidt[6]

Heat 2 8 Laps

  1. 91-Matt Land[4]; 2. 51-David Gasper[2]; 3. 18-Josef Ferolito[3]; 4. 25K-Hunter Kinney[5]; 5. 11S-Danielle Clauson Sevo[6]; 6. 9-Scott Kinney[1]


  1. 47-Greg Dennett, 00:12.184[4]; 2. 25K-Hunter Kinney, 00:12.511[11]; 3. 17F-Cody Meyer, 00:12.560[3]; 4. 91-Matt Land, 00:12.586[1]; 5. 35JR-Dakota Albright, 00:12.656[9]; 6. 18-Josef Ferolito, 00:12.722[8]; 7. 3F-Harlee Aguilera, 00:12.741[7]; 8. 51-David Gasper, 00:12.752[10]; 9. 27-Nick Chivello, 00:12.858[5]; 10. 9-Scott Kinney, 00:13.692[6]; 11. 21-Bradley Schmidt, 00:14.270[12]; 12. 11S-Danielle Clauson Sevo, 00:15.963[2]

The Bay Cities Racing Association would like to thank Eslinger Engineering, Moto Wear, Hot Head Water Heaters, Extreme Mufflers, CSI Shocks, Hoosier Tires and West Evans Performance for their support this season.

For more info on BCRA please visit our official website at https://www.bcraracing.com/ and be sure to like the association on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/BayCitiesRacingAssociation

Image courtesy of Tim Holland Racing

Article Credit: Gary Thomas

Submitted By: Gary Thomas

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