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    Jake Andreotti

    Midget Debut in The HotHead Competition Engine Heater 00

    Jake makes his midget debut in the HotHead Competition Engine Heater 00 for Pete Davis. After being invited to a test night in September, Pete gave Jake a chance to race at Antioch Speedway on the 26th. First time being in a midget and felt so comfortable. In the heat, Jake started from the 7th position and finished in an impressive 2nd, making him the high points leader for the night. After a full inversion, Jake started eighth and finished 5th in the main event. "Man I had a blast! Can't thank Pete enough for this opportunity! To be given this chance to work beside him, learn a new car, and challenge myself is huge. Thank you!" Jake can't wait to do this again!

    Submitted By: Jake Andreotti

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