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PLACERVILLE, CALIF. (August 21, 2019) – Making a rare one-off appearance with the POWRi Lucas Oil BCRA Midget League on Wednesday night, Kyle Larson of Elk Grove, Calif. strolled into Placerville Speedway with a brand new car and walked out with a dominating win.

Debuting the Kyle Larson Racing, Finley Farms, King/Toyota No. 1K, Larson broke out his own entry for the first time with help from longtime crew chief, Paul Silva. Starting the night on top, the NASCAR Cup Series superstar led the way in qualifying as he clocked a lap of 11.821 seconds.

Trailing “Yung Money” in time trials was Maria Cofer of Macdoel, Calif. at 12.064, Shane Golobic of Fremont, Calif. at 12.069, Chase Johnson of Penngrove, Calif. at 12.073, and Robert Dalby of Anaheim, Calif. at 12.091. Cory Elliott and Cofer would split heat race victories over the 15-car field.

In feature action, Cofer took advantage of her pole position and commanded the opening circuit aboard her family-owned No. 57 entry. By the next time around, however, a new leader rose to the occasion as Larson piloted his No. 1K from third-to-first by the second lap.

Methodically mastering the inside berm for the entirety of the 25-lapper, Larson would run the remaining 24 circuits unchallenged and run away with a dominating victory. Capping a successful debut of his new ride, the POWRi Lucas Oil BCRA Midget win came in Larson’s first appearance with the league in 2019.

Following Larson to the line on Wednesday at Placerville was Cory Elliott in second, Michael Faccinto in third, Jake Swanson in fourth and Shane Golobic in fifth.

On tap next for the POWRi Lucas Oil BCRA Midget League is a September 14 showing at Madera Speedway in Madera, California.


  1. 1K-Kyle Larson (11.821); 2. 57-Maria Cofer (12.064); 3. 17W-Shane Golobic (12.069); 4. 71R-Chase Johnson (12.073); 5. 4D-Robert Dalby (12.091); 6. 73K-Jake Swanson (12.143); 7. 47-Michael Faccinto (12.214); 8. 73X-Robby Josett (12.508); 9. 11E-Cory Elliott (12.568); 10. 28C-Colton Rodman (12.898); 11. 99-Robert Carson (12.604); 12. 73-Dillon Ito (13.614); 13. 78-Marvin Mitchell (13.986); 14. 14-Beau Lemire (15.940); 15. 74-JR Williams (DNQ).

Heat One:

  1. 11E-Cory Elliott; 2. 47-Michael Faccinto; 3. 1K-Kyle Larson; 4. 17W-Shane Golobic; 5. 4D-Robert Dalby; 6. 99-Robert Carson; 7. 78-Marvin Mitchell; 8. 74-JR Williams.

Heat Two:

  1. 57-Maria Cofer; 2. 73X-Robby Josett; 3. 71R-Chase Johnson; 4. 73K-Jake Swanson; 5. 73-Dillon Ito; 6. 28C-Colton Rodman; DNS, 14-Beau Lemire.

POWRi Lucas Oil BCRA Midget League Main Event:

  1. 1K-Kyle Larson (3); 2. 11E-Cory Elliott (2); 3. 47-Michael Faccinto (4); 4. 73K-Jake Swanson (8); 5. 17W-Shane Golobic (7); 6. 73X-Robby Josett (5); 7. 28C-Colton Rodman (11); 8. 73-Dillon Ito (10); 9. 78-Marvin Mitchell (13); 10. 57-Maria Cofer (1); 11. 4D-Robert Dalby (9); 12. 99-Robert Carson (12); 13. 71R-Chase Johnson (6); 14. 74-JR Williams (14); DNS, 14-Beau Lemire.

Article Credit: Brian Walker

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