Vintage Midgets

Upcoming Events

  • Madera Speedway - May 3 2014

  • With Midget Division

    Pit Gate Opens: 12:00pm
    Push to fire cars: 1:00pm
    Practice begins at 1:30 (2 Sessions)
    Qualifying 3:30pm
    Racing begins at 5:30pm

  • Lakeport Speedway - May 10 2014

  • Pit Gate Opens: 9:00am
    Practice Begins: 12:30pm
    Racing Begins: 5:30pm

    Open Practice Friday Evening 5/9/2014
    Pit Gates will be open all day to park
    Pit Passes sold at 5:30pm
    Practice begins at 6:00pm

    With Midget Division

  • Madera Speedway - Jun 7 2014

  • With Midget Division
    Pit Gate opens: 12:00 noon
    Push to Fire : 1:30pm
    Practice begins 1:45pm
    2 Sessions of Practice
    Vintage Practice 3:20pm
    Qualifying 3:30pm
    Drivers Meeting 5:15pm
    First Race 5:45pm

  • Lakeport Speedway - Jul 5 2014

  • Pit Gates open at: 9:00AM
    Practice begins at: 11:30AM
    Qualifying at: 4:00PM
    Racing Begins at: 5:00PM
    Fireworks in between Main Events

    With Midget Division

  • Madera Speedway - Jul 12 2014

  • With Midget Division

    Pit Gates will be open early for teams to unload until 12:30pm
    Pit Gates open to see Passes: 1:00pm
    Push to fire cars: 1:30pm
    Practice begins: 1:45pm
    Vintage Practice: 3:30pm
    Qualifying: 3:45pm
    First race: 5:20pm

  • Placerville Speedway - Aug 2 2014

  • Jack London Bash and Hall of Fame Picnic begins at 10am. Lunch Served 12:00noon, Induction 1:30pm

    Wayne Albright Memorial Race

    Pit Gate Opens: 2:00pm
    Mud Packing/Hot Laps 4:30pm
    Qualifying (other divisions) 6:30pm
    First Race 7:00pm

  • Petaluma Speedway - Aug 9 2014

  • John Soares Sr. Classic

    With Midget and Midget Lite Divisions

    Pit Gates open: 12:00pm

    Mud Packing/Hot Laps: 4:30pm

    Qualifying: 6:30pm

    First Race 7:00pm

    NOTE: All race cars in the pit area MUST have a tarp under them.

  • Stockton 99 Speedway - Pavement - Aug 16 2014

  • Pit Gate opens to park: 12:00pm
    Pit Gate opens to sell Pit Passes: 2:00pm
    Practice begins: 3:00pm
    First Race: 6:00pm

  • Ukiah Speedway - Sep 20 2014

  • With Midget Division
    Pit Gate Opens at 9:30am
    Practice begins at 12:30pm
    First Race 5:30pm

    Parking Overnight in Pit Area OK

    Open Practice Friday night starting at 6:00pm. Fee is $20.00 per person. If not enough cars practice then practice will run until dark.

  • Lakeport Speedway - Oct 11 2014

  • October Classic – With Midget Division

    Pit Gate Opens: 9:00am
    Practice begins at: 12:30pm
    Qualifying for competition divisions: 4:45pm
    First Race at: 5:30pm

    Open practice Friday night October 10, 2014
    Pit Gate Opens at 1:00pm
    Pit Fees $20.00 per person
    Practice begins 6:00pm

  • All American Speedway - Oct 18 2014

  • Vintage Show

  • General Membership Meeting - Oct 26 2014

  • BCRA General Membership Meeting
    Sunday, October 26, 2014 1:30pm
    Round Table Pizza
    150 N. Wilma Ave, Suite 5
    Ripon, CA 95366

    Director positions open:
    Member at Large 1 year term currently held by Tommy Belfiore
    Owner Director 2 year term currently held by Del Morris
    Driver Director 2 year term currently held by Lonny Alton
    Driver Director 2 year term currently held by Kevin Morris

    Notifications will be mailed out to all Owners and Drivers in the coming weeks

  • 2014 Awards Banquet - Jan 31 2015

  • Mark your calenders
    VFW Hall
    12455 W. Ripon Road
    Ripon, CA

    More Information to follow soon

  • Swap Meet - Mar 14 2015

  • VFW Parking Lot, 12455 West Ripon Rd, Ripon, CA 95366

    Time: 7:00 am until 1:00 pm.

    10 x 10 Space: $20.00

    To reserve a spot, contact Del Morris 209-505-9984



  • Madera Speedway - Mar 28 2015

  • Open Practice Friday – Pit Gate Opens at 3:00pm Track is hot from 5:00pm to 8:00pm.  Fee for practice TBD by Track.

    Saturday Schedule:

    Pit Gate Opens 12:00 Noon

    Push off and Fire: 1:15pm (Competition Divisions Only)

    Vintage Practice begins: 3:45

    First Race: 6:00pm

  • Madera Speedway - May 2 2015

  • Pit Gates Open at 12:00 noon

    Push to Fire : 1:00pm

    Practice begins: 1:30pm Competition Divisions (2) Sessions

    Vintage Practice: 3:15pm

    Qualifying: 3:30pm

    Drivers Meeting: 4:30pm

    First Race: 5:00pm

  • Lakeport Speedway - May 16 2015

  • Pit Gate Open to Park: 9:00am

    Pit Gate to sell passes: 10:00am

    Practice begins: 12:00 noon

    Qualifying: 3:00pm

    Contact Linda at BCRA Business office if you plan to park in Pit Area Friday night

  • Madera Speedway - Jun 6 2015

  • Pit Gate Opens: 10:00am

    Push to Fire Midgets and Sprints: 11:30am

    Competition Divisions Practice begins: 12:00 Noon

    Vintage Practice: 2:20 PM

    First Race: 4:25pm

    Contact BCRA Business office for additional event information – 209-518-1601

    Practice on Friday night 6/5/2015 – Pit Gate Opens at 1:00pm

    Track Time from 4:00pm to 9:00pm.  Scheduled sessions

  • Ukiah Speedway - Jul 4 2015

  • Pit Gates Open 10:00am

    Practice begins: 12:30pm

    Qualifying: 3:00pm

    First Race 5:00pm

    Times subject to change

    Fireworks Show

  • Madera Speedway - Jul 11 2015


    Gerhardt Classic

    Pit Gates Open: 11:00am

    Vintage Practice: 3:15pm

    First Race 5:00pm

    Open Practice Friday – Pit Gate opens 12:00  Track time 5:00 to 8:00pm

    Questions regarding parking contact the business office – 209-518-1601


  • Petaluma Speedway - Jul 18 2015

  • Jack London Bash and Hall of Fame Picnic

    Picnic Starts at 10:00am – Lunch Served at 12:00 noon – Hall of Fame Induction at 1:30pm

    Pit Gates Open: 12:00pm Noon

    Mud Packing/Hot Laps: 4:00pm

    Qualifying: 5:00pm

    First Race: 6:00pm

    Transponders required

    Reminder: Tarps are required under all Race Cars in the Pit Area

  • Ukiah Speedway - Sep 26 2015

  • Pit Gate Opens: 10:30am

    Practice Begins: 12:30pm

    Qualifying: 3:30pm

    First Race: 5:30pm


    No Practice on Friday Night but Pits will be open to park


  • Lakeport Speedway - Oct 10 2015


  • All American Speedway - Oct 24 2015

  • Vintage Weekend

  • General Membership Meeting - Oct 25 2015


    Meeting Place:

    Round Table Pizza

    150 N. Wilma Ave, Suite 5,

    Ripon CA  95366     209-599-5188

    Meeting begins at 1:30pm

    Come early and have lunch


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