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Upcoming Events

  • Madera Speedway w/USAC - Sep 14 2013

  • Madera Speedway – Saturday September 14th Harvest Classic (Day 2)

    9am-12noon – Open Practice, (Open to all cars in all classes) This is the practice that is usually held on Friday night but because there is a full program on Friday Madera Speedway decided to do it at this time.  Separate fees for this practice time.

    Pit Gate Opens 1:00pm

    Push Off/ Fire Up 2:30pm

    Practice begins at 3:00pm

    Qualifying begins at 4:45 pm

    Racing begins 6:25 pm

  • Ukiah Speedway - Sep 21 2013

  • Pit Gate Opens at 10:30am

    Practice begins at 12:30pm

    Qualifying at 4:00pm

    First Race at 5:00pm


    Open Practice Friday night at 5:30pm

  • Petaluma Speedway - Soares Memorial - Oct 5 2013

  • 101 Lap Soares Memorial

    Pit Gate opens at 12:oopm

    Mud Packing at 4:00pm

    Practice begins at 5:00pm

    Qualify at 6:00pm

    Racing at 6:30pm


  • Lakeport Speedway - Oct 12 2013

  • Attention Midget Racers – Lakeport Speedway Update

    Lakeport Speedway – Saturday – 10/12/13

    Gates open at 10:30am

    Practice begins at 12: 30pm

    Qualifying at 3:00pm

    Racing begins at 5:00pm

    Announcement – Friday – 10/11/13

    Pits open all day –  open practice at 6:00pm, followed by big BBQ at 8:00pm

    Fee for practice and BBQ: $25 – BBQ Dinner only: $10


  • 2013 Annual General Membership Meeting - Oct 27 2013

  • 2013 General Membership Meeting

    Round Table Pizza Parlor

    150 N. Wilma Ave, Suite 5

    Ripon, CA  95366


    Meeting will start 1:30pm

  • SOLD OUT - 2013 Awards Banquet - SOLD OUT - Jan 25 2014

  • January 25, 2014

    Waterloo Banquet Hall

    10415 E. Waterloo Road

    Stockton, CA  95215

    Contact Business Office for more information 209-830-9928

  • Stockton 99 Speedway - Dirt - Mar 21 2014

  • Friday Night

    Pit Gate Opens 1:00pm
    Pit Passes sold at 3:30pm
    Drivers Meeting 4:30pm
    Wheel Pack/Hot Laps 5:30pm
    Qualifying 6:00pm
    First Race 7:05pm

  • Madera Speedway - Mar 29 2014

  • With Vintage Division


  • Madera Speedway - Mar 30 2014


    Pit Gate Opens 8:00am
    Push to fire cars 9:10am
    Practice begins 9:30am
    Vintage Super/Midget Practice 11:15am
    Qualifying 11:30am
    Drivers Meeting 1:00pm
    Racing begins 1:30pm

    Race with Race with USAC

  • Stockton 99 Speedway - Pavement - Apr 12 2014

  • Pit Gate opens at 2:00pm
    Practice begins at 3:00pm
    Qualifying at 5:00pm
    Racing at 6:00pm

    Practice Friday April 11, 2014 – 3:00pm to Dark

  • Placerville Speedway - Apr 26 2014


  • Madera Speedway - May 3 2014

  • With Vintage Division

    Pit Gate Opens 12:00 Noon
    Push to Fire cars – 1:00pm
    Practice begins: 1:30pm (2 Sessions per division)
    Qualifying: 3:30 pm
    Racing begins 5:30pm

    Practice Friday 5/2/2014 — Pits open at 3:00pm On track from 5:00pm to 8:00pm
    See Madera Speedway Website for fees to practice

  • Lakeport Speedway - May 10 2014

  • Pit Gate Opens: 9:00am
    Practice Begins: 12:30pm
    Qualifying: 4:45pm
    Racing Begins: 5:30pm
    Transponders required
    Overnight Parking in Pit Area Allowed $25.00 fee

    Open Practice Friday 5/9/2014
    Pit Gates will be open all day to come in and Park
    Pit Passes sold at 5:30pm
    Practice begins at 6:00pm

    With Vintage Division

  • Stockton 99 Speedway - Dirt - May 17 2014

  • Pit Gates Open at 2:00pm to park rigs
    Pit Passes sold at 3:00pm

    Mud Packing/Practice begins at 5:00pm
    Qualifying at 6:00pm
    First Race at 7:00pm

    Schedule subject to change

  • Madera Speedway - Jun 7 2014

  • With Vintage Division
    Pit Gate opens: 12:00 noon
    Push to Fire : 1:30pm
    Practice begins 1:45pm
    2 Sessions of Practice
    Vintage Practice 3:20pm
    Qualifying 3:30pm
    Drivers Meeting 5:15pm
    First Race 5:45pm
    Race within a Race with USAC

  • Petaluma Speedway - Jun 14 2014

  • Pit Gates open: 12:00pm
    Mud Packing/Hot Laps: 4:30pm
    Qualifying: 6;30pm
    First Race: 7:00pm

    NOTE: All Race cars in the pit area MUST have a tarp under them

  • Silver Dollar Speedway - Jun 27 2014

  • Pit Gate Opens: 2PM
    Pit Passes sold at: 4PM
    Mud Packing/Hot Laps begin at 5:45pm
    Qualifying 6:30pm
    First Race 7pm

    Transponders Required

  • Orland Speed Bowl - CANCELLED DUE TO AG FAIR AT FACILITY - Jun 28 2014


  • Lakeport Speedway - Jul 5 2014

  • Pit Gates open at: 9:00AM
    Hot Laps begin at: 11:30AM
    Qualifying at: 4:00PM
    Racing begins at: 5:00PM
    Fireworks in between main events

    With Vintage Division

  • Madera Speedway - Jul 12 2014

  • Gerhardt Classic w/USAC  Race within a Race
    100 Lap Main Event – 3 wide start

    Pit Gates will be open early for teams to unload until 12:30pm
    Pit Gates open to see Passes: 1:00pm
    Push to fire cars: 1:30pm
    Practice begins: 1:45pm
    Vintage Practice: 3:30pm
    Qualifying: 3:45pm
    First race: 5:20pm

    Open Practice Friday July 11, 2014
    Pits open at 2:00pm
    On Track 4:00pm to 8:00pm
    Track Practice fees apply

  • Kings Speedway - Cancelled - Jul 19 2014

  • Race cancelled due to Track Closing

  • Placerville Speedway - Aug 2 2014

  • Jack London Bash and Hall of Fame Picnic begins at 10am. Lunch Served 12:00 noon, Induction 1:30pm

    Wayne Albright Memorial Race

    Pit Gate Opens: 2:00pm
    Mud Packing/Hot Laps 4:30pm
    Qualifying 6:30pm
    First Race 7:00pm

  • Petaluma Speedway - Aug 9 2014

  • John Soares Sr. Classic co-Sanctioned with USAC

    with Midget Lites and Vintage

    Pit Gates Open: 12:00pm
    Mud Packing/Practice: 4:30pm
    Qualifying: 6:30pm
    First Race: 7:00pm

    Race Format for Soares Classic at Petaluma Speedway
    Each competitor will have two qualifying laps. Heats, transfers, and main event line up will be according to established BCRA/USAC Protocol.
    The race will be contested in a 50 lap segment with no break. Yellow flag laps will count up to 5 laps and then scoring will be suspended until the event returns to green flag competition. If a car spins or is involved in an accident and able to continue on the next green flag the car(s) will not be down any laps. The final two laps will be green flag laps.

    Per BCRA & USAC rules the two-spin rule will be in effect.

    NOTE: ALL race cars in the pit area must have a tarp under them

  • Placerville Speedway - Aug 23 2014

  • Pit Gate Opens: 2:00pm
    Mud Packing/Hot Laps 5:00pm
    Qualifying: 6:00pm
    First Race 7:00pm

  • Silver Dollar Speedway - Sep 4 2014

  • Thursday Night of Gold Cup Week

    Co-Sanctioned with USAC

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8