Alex Schutte goes 2 for 2 with back to back midget division wins at Ocean Speedway 6/7/2019 and Petaluma Speedway 6/8/2019

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Norman Gray #30

Car #30 Chassis: Kurtis Kraft  Motor: Ford V8-60 Dirt & Asphalt Series Hometown: Santa Cruz Driver Racing History: 1959 – 1960 NASCAR Midget Division and United Midget Racing Club

Paul Ferreira #1 & 36

Car #1   Chassis: Kane  Motor: Chev II Asphalt Series Car #36   Chassis: Model T Motor: V8-60 Dirt Series Hometown: San Leandro Drivers Racing History: Ran Hard Tops in the 1950’s Sponsors: Savage Magneto – Hayward  

John Demartini #5

Car #5 Chassis: Krutis  Motor: V8-60 Dirt Series Hometown: San Francisco Owner: John Demartini Sponsors: Bay View Garage – San Francisco