Category: Profiles

Paul Farajian #14 & 98

Car #14  Chassis: Kurtis  Motor: Ford V8-60  Car #98  Chassis: Kane  Motor: Chev II  Hometown: Livingston Driver Racing History: 13 years BCRA Vintage Division Owner/Driver  

Michael Luddon #3

Car # 3 Chassis: Kurtis Kraft  Motor: Chev II   Hometown: Lake Havasu City AZ Drivers Racing History: Drag Racing in the 1980″s Vintage Racing for 17 years Sponsors: Dragon Hill Garage Havasu Sign Shop

Harold Allen #04

Car #04 Chassis: Kurtis  Motor: V8-60  Hometown: Santa Rosa Driver Racing History: Ran BCRA Midgets from 1956 to 1962 Sponsors: Rincon Valley Tire & Breaks – Santa Rosa  

Greg Vroman #1 & 3

Car #1 & 3 Car #1 Chassis: Kurtis Kraft Roadster: Engine: Offy  Car #3 Chassis: Kurtis Kraft Upright: Engine: Offy   Hometown: Reno NV Drivers Racing History: Competition Road Racing for year. Currently racing Vintage Oval and Vintage Road Racing.

Jim DeJong

Car # 4 Chassis: 1964 Kain  Motor:  Chev II Hometown: Pacifica Drivers Racing History: 1995 to 2007 Drag Raced BCRA Vintage Division last 6 years Sponsors: Jefferson High School Auto Shop – Daily City 4js DeJong Family

Phil Finger #15

Car # 15 Chassis: Kurtis Copy:   Engine: Ford V8-60  Hometown: Berkeley Driver Racing History: Running BCRA Vintage Division.  Also ran with WRA and CSRG.

Ron Dunn #1 & 23

Car #1 Chassis: Benson:  Engine: Chev II   Car #23 Chassis: Benson  Motor: Chev II Hometown: Santa Clara Driver History: Drag Racing, Hard Tops, Some Sprint Cars.  In 1980 started Midget Vintage racing with WRA – Golden Wheels and in 1985 began running Vintage Division with BCRA  

Tommy Belfiore Jr. #16

Car # 16 Chassis:  Edmunds, Motor: Chevy II  Hometown: Castro Valley Car Owner: Tommy & Christine Belfiore Driving History: 18 years as Owner/Driver of a Vintage Midget, Raced Go-Karts and Drag Raced. Has been BCRA Vintage Director for the past 4 years.

JP Shanoian #2

Car #2 Chassis: 1967 Edmunds   Motor: Chevy II Sponsors: Johnny’s Muffler Service – Fresno

Larry Booth #63

Car #63 Chassis: Kurtis Kraft    Motor: Chevy II   Dirt & Pavement Drivers Racing History: Son of Walt Booth owner of Booth Brothers Garage 41st & Broadway Oakland CA (1940’s to 1960’s) and BCRA Midget Owner.  Brother to Charlie Booth BCRA Midget Owner and Driver in the 1970’s

Ron Kunstal #27

Car #27 Chassis: Kurtis   Motor: Ford V860  

Charles Wacker #7

Car #7 Chassis: Kurtis Kraft   Motor: Offy  Pavement  

Bob Pena #57

Car #57 Chassis: Edmunds   Motor: Chevy II Sponsor: Bobby Rae Racing

John Kunstal #20

Car #20 Chassis: 1968 Kane   Motor: Chevy 181  Both Dirt & Pavement Driving History: Raced Moto Cross for 5 years, GoKarts for 3 year and Vintage Midgets for 8 Years Sponsors: Frank’s Furniture Refinishing – Brentwood The Sportsman Club – W. Pittsburg Seeno Brothers Auto Wreckers – W. Pittsburg

Jim DeJong #4

Car #4 Chassis: 1966 Kane   Motor: Chevy 2 Racing History: Vintage Midgets with BCRA for 6 years Sponsors: DeJong Family