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Petaluma Speedway Midget Lite Race Results July 18, 2015 – Jack London Picnic Bash & Hall of Fame Induction

A Main Event: 1. #2 Doug Nunes, 2. #15 RC Smith, 3. #11 Hunter Kinney, 4. #72s Craig Dillard, 5.#74 Craig Holsted, 6. #35jr Dakota Albright, 7. #9f Emilee Lundgren, 8. #75c Chris Hansen, 9. #9 Scott Males, 10. #13 Danika Jo Parker, 11. #20d Roy Moody, 12. #3b Steve Brown, 13.#10 Brian Corso, 14.

2015 Schedules

After a successful 2014 Season Bay Cities Racing Association is set to kick off the 2015 at Madera Speedway for both the Midget and Vintage Division on March 28th for the annual Pombo/Sargent Classic. Both divisions return to Madera Speedway on May 2nd for the Annual Vukovich Classic, June 6th, and July 11th for the

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