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Placerville Speedway Midget Lite Results July 25, 2015

        A Main Event: 1. #15 RC Smith, 2. #0 Jeremy Queener, 3. #72s Craig Dillard, 4. #10 Brian Corso, 5. #75c Chris Hansen, 6. #74 Craig Holsted, 7. #15p Joe Provost, 8. #13 Danika Jo Parker, 9. #9 Scott Males, 10. #87 Charlie Caraccilo, 11. #20d Roy Moody, 12. #9f Emilee

July 2015 Newsletter

July 2015 Newsletter

Petaluma Speedway Midget Lite Race Results July 18, 2015 – Jack London Picnic Bash & Hall of Fame Induction

A Main Event: 1. #2 Doug Nunes, 2. #15 RC Smith, 3. #11 Hunter Kinney, 4. #72s Craig Dillard, 5.#74 Craig Holsted, 6. #35jr Dakota Albright, 7. #9f Emilee Lundgren, 8. #75c Chris Hansen, 9. #9 Scott Males, 10. #13 Danika Jo Parker, 11. #20d Roy Moody, 12. #3b Steve Brown, 13.#10 Brian Corso, 14.

Placerville Speedway Midget Lite Race Results July 11, 2015

   A Main Event: 1. #11vp Jake Morgan, 2. #10 Brian Corso, 3. #15 RC Smith, 4. #72s Craig Dillard, 5.#3b Steve Brown, 6. #11b Scott Males, 7. #75c Chris Hansen, 8. #74 Craig Holsted,#9f Emilee Lundgren, 10. #11 Scott Kinney, 11. #87 Charlie Caraccilo,  12. #13 Danika Jo Parker,#84 Stuart Goehring, 14. #22 Cori


By Floyd Busby   PETALUMA, CA., JULY 18: The Voice of Petaluma Speedway, Ron Lundgren, announced at the conclusion of the midget main event, “Folks, you’ve just seen the best race in the entire country tonight”!….that’s a statement that could be up for debate elsewhere, but the patrons at Petaluma surely agreed after witnessing an


By Floyd Busby   Honoring the memory of one of the region’s premier Indy Car and midget owners, Fred Gerhardt, the Bay Cities Racing Association midgets took the drop of the green flag in three-car rows to begin the 100-lap trek on the fast Madera Speedway paved oval. From the onset, the five fastest qualifiers

BCRA Vintage Midgets – Ukiah Speedway July 4th Fireworks show

By June Wheeler-Ferreira   Well, hi all we had a hot time in Ukiah on the 4th of July, what a fun day it was with a great fireworks show right in front of us, thought we were in a war zone, fans really loved. It all started out around 10am when the BCRA regular’s

Ukiah Speedway Midget Race Results July 4, 2015

  Qualifying: #4 (Rosen – Beast/Fontana) Davey Hamilton Jr, Indianapolis IN 12.212, #6k (Snider – Beast/Mopar) Michael Snider, Kelseyville 12.438, #63 (F&F Racing – Beast/Esslinger) Frankie Guerrini, San Rafel 12.766 #2k (Snider – Beast/Mopr) Lauren Snider, Kelseyville 12.907 #55 (Conterno – Beast/Mopar) Gary Conterno, Rough & Ready 13.345 #74 (J&J Associates – Beast/Mopar) JR Williams,

June 2015 Newsletter

June 2015 Web.

Midget Lite Race Notice for Petaluma July 18, 2015

Midget Lite July 18 2015 Race Notice

Jack London Bash and Hall of Fame Induction – July 18, 2015

BCRA Hall of Fame Flyer


  PETALUMA, CA., JUNE 13: Sean Dodenhoff won the Bay Cities Racing Association midget program on the 3/8-mile Petaluma clay oval in domineering fashion, leading from start to finish aboard the Dodenhoff EMC/Fontana. Dodenhoff took control on a complete restart following the initial green flag after several cars near the front came together exiting the

Cori Andrews wins Midget Lite Main at Placerville June 6th

                                                          Placerville Speedway Midget Lite Race Results June 6, 2015   A Main Event: 1. #22 Cori Andrews, 2. #9 Scott Males, 3. #51 Logan Seavey, 4. #72s Craig Dillard, 5. #10 Brian Corso, 6. #11 Scott Kinney, 7. #9f Emilee Lindgren, 8. #84 Stuart Goehring, 9. #74 Craig Holsted, 10. #17 Tim Kinser, 11.

BCRA Vintage Midgets At Madera’s

Summer Horse Power Nationals TV Show Northern Modified Tour, Round #3 of The Pacific Region King of the Wing Sprint Series, BCRA Midgets, NCMA Sprints, USAC HPD Midgets, Vintage Super Modifieds 6/8/15 Hi, all we’re off and running again to Madera for another fun filled day of excitable racing. If you weren’t there you would


By Floyd Busby   MADERA, CA, JUNE 6: Chad Nichols came from far back in the pack to grab the lead with two laps remaining from early leader Michael Snider and win the Bay Cities Racing Association midget main event at the Madera Speedway. Nichols stepped into his trusty #17 Finish Line Construction Beast/Esslinger after

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