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Marysville Speedway September 17, 2016 – Midget Lite Results

  Heat 1:  1.  #2k Kyle Offill, 2. #37 Tim Kinser, 3. #88 Nate Buffa, 4. #15 Ryan Souza, 5. #20d Roy Moody, 6. #76 Pete Paulson,        7. #25k Hunter Kinney   Heat 2: 1. #72s Craig Dillard, 2. #75c Chris Hansen, 3. #9 Scott Males, 4. #14e Emilee Lindgren, 5. #7f Bradley Dillard,                     6.

9th Annual Louie Vermeil Classic – Calistoga BCRA Vintage

  By June Wheeler-Ferreira   Hi, all, well the Vermeil Classic is in the books what a great weekend we had nothing but good racing Saturday and Sunday night. The crowds were great both nights and there was plenty of on track action the weather was good and the track was smooth and fast. A

Marysville Speedway September 3, 2016 Results

Heat 1:  1. #75c Chris Hansen, 2. #9 Scott Males, 3. #20d Roy Moody, 4. #76 Craig Holsted, 5. #37 Tim Kinser, 6. #14e Emilee Lindgren, 7. 7f Bradley Dillard, DNS   Heat 2: 1. #72s Craig Dillard #13 Danika Jo Parker, 2. #2k Kyle Offill, 3. #25k Hunter Kinney, 4. #25 Scott Kinney, 5.

Alex Schutte grabs the Gold Cup at Silver Dollar Speedway

By Kevin Triplett   Nineteen Bay Cities Racing Association (BCRA) midgets did battle Thursday night September 8 in a race jointly sanctioned with the United States Auto Club Western States midget division as part of Gold Cup Week at Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico California. The field boasted many former USAC and BCRA champions including

August 2016 Newsletter

Tracy Taylor Memorial Race results – Placerville Speedway August 27, 2016

  Heat 1:  1. #9 Scott Males, 2. #51 Greg DeCaires V, 3. #76 Craig Holsted, 4. #2k Kyle Offill, 5. #25k Hunter Kinney, 6. #75c Chris Hansen, 7. #3c Jeff Caraccilo, 8. 7f Bradley Dillard,  9. #14e Emilee Lindgren   Heat 2: 1. #13 Danika Jo Parker, 2. #87 Charlie Caraccilo, 3. #78 Terry

Antioch Speedway August 20, 2016 – Midget Lite Results

  Heat 1:  1. #20d Roy Moody, 2. 72s Craig Dillard, , 3. #13 Danika Jo Parker, 4. #7f Dan Foster, 5. #37 Tim Kinser, 6. #5 Bradley Dillard, DNS,   Heat 2: 1. #9 Scott Males, 2. #25k Hunter Kinney, 3. #2k Kyle Offill, 4. #75c Chris Hansen, 5. #88 Nathan Buffa, 6. #25

Matt Streeter wins a thriller at Placerville Speedway August 20, 2016

From the desk of Kevin Triplett Thirteen Bay Cities Racing Association (BCRA) mighty midgets joined four other divisions for  Donnie Tilford Tribute night at the Placerville Speedway on Saturday August 20 2016. Cory Elliott from Bakersfield set quick time in time trials as he toured the clay ¼-mile in 12.140 seconds to edge out Macdoel’s

BCRA Vintage Midgets At Lakeport Speedway Saturday August 13, 2016

  By June Wheeler-Ferreira Hi all, well we had another hot time at Lakeport and I do mean hot on Saturday August the 13th. The weather was in the high 90’s and to top it off there was a big forest fire as I’m sure you are aware of that, smoked was seen at the

First Annual Tom Manning Memorial at Stockton 99 – Vintage Division

  By June Wheeler-Ferreira Hi gang, well the BCRA Vintage guys had another fun day at Stockton on Saturday the 6th of August. We had a good spot in the pit area right under the trees just as you come off of the track it was hot, we had a nice breeze to keep us

Lakeport Speedway Midget Results August 13, 2016

From the desk of Kevin Triplett The Bay Cities Racing Association (BCRA) mighty midgets paid a visit to Lakeport Speedway on Saturday night August 13 2016 as part of the track’s Fan Appreciation Night program with the BCRA vintage midgets and the track’s regular contingent of Bandeleros, Jammers, Bombers, and Legends cars. Chad Nichols in

Placerville Speedway August 6, 2016 – Midget Lite Results

  Heat 1:  1. #87 Charlie Caraccilo, 2. #25 Scott Kinney, 3. #72s Craig Dillard, 4. #9 Scott Males, 5. #2k Kyle Offill, 6. #7f Dan Foster, 7. #75c Chris Hansen   Heat 2: 1. #25k Hunter Kinney, 2. #51 Logan Seavey, 3. #13 Danika Jo Parker, 4. #20d Roy Moody, 5. #88 Nate Buffa,                       

Chad Nichols captures the Tom Manning Memorial

From the desk of Kevin Triplett On August 6 2016, Tony & Carol Noceti’s Stockton 99 Speedway hosted the Bay Cities Racing Association (BCRA) midgets and vintage midgets as part of an all open-wheel program. Besides the mighty BCRA midgets, the evening’s slate featured the Legends of Kearney Bowl, the San Jose Supermodifeds, and the

Craig Dillards wins 3rd Annual Wayne Albright Memorial at Placerville Speedway July 30, 2016

The BCRA Midget Lite portion of the program featured 20 cars that ventured to the Placerville Speedway for the 6th time in 2016 for the 3rd Annual Wayne Albright Memorial Race. Craig Dillard and Scotty Males led the field to the green with Dillard getting the early jump, pulling away from the rest of the

July 2016 Newsletter

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