BCRA Midget Lite 2020 Season Preview

The Bay Cities Racing Association Midget Lite division is ready to get going with the 2020 racing season. Three tracks will host the Midget Lites this season with the bulk being at Placerville Speedway. Merced Speedway will host two and Santa Maria Speedway one. The season opens with three straight races at Placerville Speedway’s 1/4 mile clay oval. The first two will be held on back to back Saturdays March 21st and 28th and one on April 18th. Merced Speedway will see the Lites on May 2nd and then they will head back up the hill to Placerville for two more on May 9th and June 13th. One of the Lites biggest events the “Wayne Albright Memorial” will be held at Merced Speedway June 27th. July will see the Lites at Placerville Speedway on the 11th. Santa Maria Speedway will host the Lites on the 15th of August. August 29th will see the Lites back at Placerville. The “Tracy Taylor Memorial” on October 10th at Placerville will wrap up the 2020 BCRA Midget Lite racing season. Scott Kinney is the defending champion of the BCRA Midget Lite division.
2020 BCRA Midget Lite Schedule
March 21 – Placerville Speedway
March 28 – Placerville Speedway
April 18 – Placerville Speedway
May 2 – Merced Speedway
May 9 – Placerville Speedway
June 13 – Placerville Speedway
June 27 – Merced Speedway – Wayne Albright Memorial
July 11 – Placerville Speedway
August 15 – Santa Maria Speedway
August 29 – Placerville Speedway
October 10 – Placerville Speedway – Tracy Taylor Memorial