BCRA Vintage Division Last 2019 Season Event

By Paul Farajian


The Mighty Vintage Group came to the call of duty on Oct. 12 at Stockton 99 Speedway. The temp was in the low eighties, so it was on the cool side compare to what it’s been. Our drivers enjoy showing the race fans what the Golden age of racing was all about. The fearless gladiators were; Norm Gray-#30 from Santa Cruz with Mary Ann, Jim Dejong #4 from Pacifica, L.D. Dix #22 from Sanger, (Sanger was the boyhood home of Bill Vukovich), Tommy Belfiore #16 from Castro Valley with Sammy Belfiore, Bob Mastroleo #14 from Monrovia-Bob almost didn’t make it because of forest fires near Los Angeles, Rich Secretti #9 from San Rafael, Fred Maydole #2 from the wine country of Sonoma and Paul Farajian #14 from Livingston. We did not have one car with mechanical problems which was a miracle. We had 2 offys, 4 Chev.II’s, 1 Chev. Corvair and 1 V-8 60. We had one heat race and one main event of 12 laps. It was a great race, we all stayed together. Jim Dejong brought Norm Rapp as our guest. We would like to thank Tony Noceti from the Stockton Race Track very much for letting us run there so many times this year. You know of all the race tracks I’ve been to I never met anyone that heard of Livingston, so let me tell you something about my little home town. We are on the 99 Hwy. between Modesto and Merced. The biggest winery in the world is here.  Foster Farms has its Headquarters here, and we are the Sweet Potato Capital of the U.S> and we have the largest organic sweet potato farm in the U.S. So, as I see it, on this 18th day of Oct. 2019, as the world turns, that’s the way it is. Goodbye and Good Luck.