Midget Lite Results from Merced Speedway May 13, 2017

Thirteen  Midget Lites (& Lightning Sprints) signed in at the Merced Speedway on a cool May evening at the fast ¼ mile dirt track at the Merced County Fairgrounds.

The cars qualified with the 87 car of Charlie Caraccilo from Madera setting fast time of 12:488 followed by Craig Dillard from Oakdale at 12:589, and 3rd fast was long tow Bobby Micnowicz from Lomita with a 12:851.

The first heat saw Jeff Dyer take the lead on lap 1, and took the win over Caraccilo followed by Jim Riddell from Modesto.  The second heat was won by Dakota Albright in his fast 35jr car from Waterford followed by Mike Lange all the way from Lakewood, and Craig Dillard and Danika’Jo Parker from Oakdale.


The 25 lap main event was next and had Kayla Green from Sydney, AU on the pole in the Dan Foster 74 machine with Parker on the outside.  The track was now dry from the wind, and owners and drivers were seen making adjustments to their cars.  The first lap went smoothly as drivers were searching for grip on the changing track.  Caraccilo took the early lead passing several cars on the high side while Dillard, Riddell, and Dyer were in hot pursuit.  On lap 11, Albright spun exiting turn 4 bringing out the yellow flag.  This caution flag gave drivers a chance to move wings back or adjust shocks for the remainder of the race.  When the green came back out, Caraccilo continued his hot pace and lead the remaining laps while Dillard continued his close pursuit.  The real show during these last 10 or 12 laps was the determined high side run of Albright as he found speed on the top of the dry slick surface, making up a half lap to finish 3rd behind Dillard.  All three drivers were interviewed in front of the grandstands, while Referee Tim Kinser was patiently  waiting to conduct tech inspections.

All three cars passed inspection under the critical eye of Kinser.


Heat 1:  Dyer, C. Caraccilo, Riddell, Jeff Caracillo, Green……DNS: John Nelson #71 & Micnowicz #1K

Heat 2:  Albright, Lange, Dillard, Parker…DNS: T Downing #90 & Roy Moody #20d


Main:  25 Laps:  1) Caracillo, 2)Dillard, 3) Albright, 4)Riddell 5)Dyer 6) Lange 7)Parker 8)Green 9)Downing 10) Micnowicz

DNS:  Moody, (clutch going out), Jeff Caraccilo (motor missing), Nelson (Motor issues)


Remarks:  Cameron Beard (Power-Up Concrete Pumping) donated $200 in a blind drawing for all 13 cars entered into tonight’s race; the winner was Tom Downing of Lakewood.  Thanks Cameron.  Also, due to a BCRA sponsor, the race paid $350 to win and $100 to start.  Non-starters were paid $75.   The track was racy and the Lites will return to Merced on August 12th for the annual Wayne Albright Memorial race.  Please call Dakota for donations to supplement the purse.

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