Bay Cities Racing Association, Inc. Midgets sponsored by S&K Automotive invade Lakeport Speedway

Saturday April 29, 2017 the 9 mighty midget teams sponsored by S&K Automotive made the call at Lakeport Speedway. During the first set of hot laps owners & drivers were able to shake down, make adjustments and dial in their cars.  However during the second round the 2016 Driver Champion bobby Wilson from Dayton NV hit the wall hard between turns 1 & 2 ending his night.

Chad Nichols in the Team 17 Orange Beast/Esslinger powered car set fast time of 12.098.

Maria Cofer from Macdoel in the Storcks Garage Stealth/Chevy to the checkered flag for the trophy Dash and the second heat.

Lodi’s Scott Pierovich won the 1st heat in the Morris Motorsports #17k Beast/Esslinger powered car over Chad Nichols.

With the invert of 4 for the main event Maria Cofer sat on the pole with Michael Snider in the 6k S&K Automotive sponsored midget on the outside front row.  During warm ups for the main Michael suffered mechanical issues and had to pull out of the race.  This put the 17n of Nichols now on the outside front row.  At the drop of the green flag Cofer pulled out into the lead followed closely by Nichols and Pierovich.  Cofer held the lead for 8 laps with Scott Pieriovch taking the lead on the next lap.  The only yellow of the main dropped for multi champion Floyd Alvis when he had to pull off the racing surface with Right Rear Wheel issues.  Following Pierovich to the checkered flag were Nichols, Cofer, David Goodwill in the #3g and rounding out the top 5 was Jodi Snider in the S&K Automotive #2k

Bay Cities Racing Association would like to thank Lauren Snider and S&K Automotive for sponsoring our event.

Next up for the pavement: Madera May 6, 2017 & Ukiah Speedway May 20, 2017



  1. Chad Nichols #17n 12.098 – Team 17 Beast/Esslinger
  2. David Goodwill #3g 12.146 – Goodwill Beast/Stanton Mopar
  3. Michael Snider #6k 12.238 – Snider Beast/Mopar
  4. Maria Cofer #88 12.252 – Storcks Garage Stealth/Chevy
  5. Scott Pierovich #17k 12.315 – Morris Motorsports Beast/Esslinger
  6. Floyd Alvis #1 12.938 – Champion Automotive Stealth/Brayton Buick
  7. Jodi Snider #2k 13.015 – Snider Beast/Mopar
  8. JR Williams #74 13.831 – J&J Assoc Stealth/Fontana
  9. Bobby Wilson #87 NT – Wilson Stewart/Ford

Trophy Dash – 1. 88 Cofer, 2. 6k M. Snider, 3. 3g Goodwill, 4. 17n Nichols

Heat #1 – 1. 17k Pierovich, 2. 17n Nichols, 3. 2k J. Snider, 4. 6k M. Snider

Heat #2 – 1. 88 Cofer, 2. 3g Goodwill, 3. 74 Williams, 4. 1 Alvis

Main Event – 1. 17k Pierovich, 2. 17n Nichols, 3. 88 Cofer, 4. 3g Goodwill, 5. 2k J. Snider, 6. 74 Williams, 7. 1 Alvis, 8. 6k Snider DNS


Lakeport 4 29 2017Lakeport 4 29 2017 2

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