Midget Lite Rule Changes for 2017

2017 BCRA Midget Lite Rule Changes


  1. Carbon Components: No carbon fiber or composite suspension or steering components allowed, including: radius rods, tie rods, draglinks, panhard bars, pitman arms, steering arms or torsion arms.
  1. Fuel. All Fuel must be; gasoline, or standard grade methanol. No Performance additives allowed.  VP Fuels M-3 and M-5 are not allowed.  Top End Lubes are allowed, provided the fuel meets the attached “METHANOL SPECIFIC GRAVITY TEMPERATURE CORRECTION TABLE”, after the additive has been added to the fuel.

All Methanol Fuels must pass the attached “METHANOL SPECIFIC GRAVITY TEMPERATURE CORRECTION TABLE” guide for temperature and purity ratio.  Any methanol fuels not matching the specific gravity reading will be disallowed and the car will be disqualified.  Any and all points earned during the entire program (qualifying, heats and main event points) will be forfeited by the owner and driver.

If a car is determined to have illegal fuel, additional penalties may be sanctioned on the driver and/or car owner by the BCRA Board of Directors.  In addition, any driver and/or car owner running illegal fuel can be fined, and/or suspended by the BCRA Board of Directors.  Any car owner or driver, determined to have run illegal fuel, on more than one occasion, may be permanently expelled from BCRA by the Board of Directors.

Cars that run gasoline must designate on their car that they have gasoline instead of methanol to assist the emergency crew in the event of a fuel spill.

  1. Age: BCRA will allow drivers beginning at age 14 to participate in the BCRA Midget Lite Division. The driver must be age 14 at the time the first event is run. Drivers and car owners under age 16 will have a special drivers license within BCRA Midget rules.  Drivers and car owners under the age of 16 will not have voting privileges with BCRA.
  1. Visiting drivers and visiting car owners (non-members) will be allowed to participate with BCRA for a maximum of three (3) races per season. Visiting drivers and/or visiting car owners must fill out a temporary permit for each race. Non-member car owners and drivers will have their purse payout reduced by $50.00, and no points will be earned for each race they participate in as non-members.  Once they’ve reached their maximum of three (3) BCRA races as a non-member driver or car owner, they are welcome to participate at subsequent BCRA racing events after becoming BCRA members, and 50% of the non-member reduced purse fees deducted in the current year can be applied towards the current year membership.  If a non-member driver is driving for a member car owner, the non-member reduced purse is waived, however, the three race maximum, as a non-member, still applies to the driver.  This rules does not apply to co-sanctioned races with CLS.  CLS memberships are accepted as members, but do not receive BCRA points.
  1. Weights:

Wing Races

Stock 1000cc motors must weigh a minimum of 940 lbs

Modified 1000cc motors and 1200cc motors must weigh a minimum of 1015 lbs.


Non-wing Races

Stock 1000cc motors must weigh a minimum of 925 lbs

Modified 1000cc motors and 1200cc motors must weigh a minimum of 1000 lbs.

  1. Engine Rules

All 1000cc stock engines must run stock oem pistons, rods, crankshaft, and camshaft. (slotting of the cam is allowed).  All stock engines must run the factory clutch basket, however, aftermarket clutch plates are allowed.  All stock engines must run all transmission gears.  Stock engines may run an aftermarket ignition system, and the stock engine may run a electronic fuel injection, a mechanical fuel injection, or carburetors.