Placerville Speedway July 2, 2016

From the article by Kevin Triplett

Seventeen mighty Bay Cities Racing Association (BCRA) midgets invaded Placerville Speedway on a hot Saturday night of the long Fourth of July weekend. The BCRA midgets were part of a multi-class program that included pure stocks, late models, and 25 Thompson’s Auto Center 360-cubic inch winged sprint cars. Three competitors elected to do “double duty” in both a midget and sprint car – Shane Golobic, Sean Becker and Michael Kofoid.

The first heat race took a few tries to get started, which included two spins by Nick Foster, but once racing got under way, Taylor Simas in the Doug Bock Racing #62 Esslinger powered Spike led all eight laps to take the victory over Greg Bragg in Dave Thurston’s entry.

In the second heat race, pole-sitter Britton Bock in his family’s Spike/Esslinger led all eight laps and held on for the win over Cory Elliott in his own Spike/Esslinger. Elliott started the heat race from the sixth place and clearly had the fastest car on the track at the end of the heat race but ran out of laps to seriously challenge Bock.


Bock and Simas shared the front row for the start of the 30-lap BCRA midget feature, but on the initial start Bock tagged the first turn berm and spun to a stop. Bock restarted but was forced to restart from the tail of the field.  At the second drop of the green flag, Simas and Elliott both pulled away from the rest of the field as they worked the bottom of the track.

Behind them the three “double duty” drivers Shane Golobic, Becker, and Kofoid all chose to run the high line, and placed their right rear tires against the dirt cushion at the top of the ¼-mile track and began to move forward from their starting positions deep in the field. The three high side racers provided plenty of excitement for the capacity crowd as they used their momentum to move forward.

With nine laps in, a battle shaped up among Bragg, Golobic, Brian Gard, Becker and Kofoid for third through seventh positions. Their battle was halted temporarily when third-place Golobic came to a stop on the backstretch on lap 15 with a flat right rear tire. Golobic’s midget was pushed to the work area and the Doug Bock crew was able to replace the tire under the caution in time for Shane to rejoin the race at the tail of the field.


Simas and Elliott pulled away from the field on the restart and Golobic charged around the high side of the race track in his effort to get back to the front of the field. The race’s final caution on lap 26 found Golobic back up to fifth place, and on the restart he moved into fourth.  Exiting the the last turn on the final lap, Golobic in the high groove powered around Gregg Bragg to take a hard-earned third place finish at the checkered flag behind his teammate Simas and Elliott.


Shane Golobic’s eventful night was not over, as he climbed into his #22 sprint car and led every lap of the sprint car feature under heavy pressure all race long from second place finisher Andy Gregg and third place finisher Michael Kofoid.



The BCRA midget cars and stars will be action July 9 on the paved 1/3-mile Madera Speedway as part of the Gerhardt Classic while the BCRA midget lites will be racing that night at Placerville Speedway.  Mark your calendars for the July 16 2016 BCRA midget and lites show at the dirt oval Petaluma Speedway which will be preceded by the “Jack London Bash” picnic and the annual BCRA Hall of Fame induction ceremonies.




Heat 1: 


  1. #62 Tyler Simas, 2. #11x Michael Kofoid, 3. #57 Maria Cofer, 4. #88 Brian Gard,      5. #74 JR Williams, 6. #8 Bill Lindsey, 7. #24 Nick Foster, 8. #77k Mark Maliepaard, 9. #26 Shane Golobec


Heat 2:

  1. #67 Britton Bock, 2. #11e Cory Elliott, 3. #11 Greg Bragg, 4. #19s Sean Becker,       5. #38 Dan Parker, 6. #11f Floyd Alvis, 7. #87 Bobby Wilson, 8. #25g Dustin Golobic

Main Event:

  1. #62 Simas, 2. #11e Elliott, 3. #26 S. Golobic, 4. #11 Bragg, 5. #19s Becker, 6. #11x Kofoid, 7. #57 Cofer, 8. #88 Gard, 9. #11f Alvis, 10. #87 Wilson, 11. #38 Parker,     12. #74 Williams, 13. #25g D. Golobic, 14. #8 Lindsey, 15. #67 Bock, 16. #24 Foster, 17. #77k Maliepaard


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