By Floyd Busby


MADERA, CA., NOV. 20: Local standout Cody Gerhardt finalized the Bay Cities Racing Association midget series season with the win at the Madera Speedway as Frank Guerrini Jr. officially became the 2015 BCRA Champion.

Davey Hamilton Jr., driving the Rosen Mr. Espresso/Red Line Oil Beast/Fontana, scored the initial lead from the outside front row with pole-sitter Gerhardt in Paul Eskesen’s Beast Mopar slipping into second over Frank Guerrini III. Guerrini, aboard the F&F Beast/Esslinger, Guerrini charged under Gerhardt exiting turn-4 to gain second on the second round with Michael Snider and fast-qualifier Chad Nichols following in fourth and fifth.

The fifth lap saw second-running Guerrini spin into the infield while exiting turn-2 for the first caution flag, allowing Gerhardt to gain second. At the green Gerhardt took the lead from Hamilton as the duo exited turn-4. Nichols continued his challenge to best Snider, putting his Beast/Esslinger into third as Mark Maliepaard held fifth in the family Beast/Mopar.

On the seventh lap Jodi Snider spun out of turn-4 for another yellow flag. Returning to green flag racing, Guerrini again spun exiting the second turn on the 10th lap with unidentified mechanical problems, ending the race for the soon-to-be champion. Hamilton moved under Gerhardt on the 13th round, but was unable to conclude the pass attempt. Lap 19 ended Hamilton’s bid for the win with a spin at the exit of turn-4.

Nichols now held second over Snider and Miliepaard, losing the position with a half-spin out of the fourth turn, dropping three positions to hold fifth, placing Snider in second.

Continuing the hex of running second, Snider looped his car in the second turn for another caution period. This moved Miliepaard into second over Nichols and Hamilton, holding their positions to the checkered flag. Gary Conterno, Floyd Alvis, M. Snider, Dan Gundo, Bobby Wilson and Jodi Snider followed.

QUAL: 1. Chad Nichols, #17 Nichols Beast/Esslinger 14.165; 2. Mark Miliepaard, #51 Maliepaard M/S Beast/Esslinger 14.376; 3. Frank Guerrini III, F&F Beast/Esslinger 14.408; 4. Michael Snider, #6k Lauren Snider Beast/Mopar 14.421; 5. Davey Hamilton Jr., #4 Rosen Beast/Fontana 14.510; 6. Cody Gerhardt, #29 Eskesen Beast/Mopar 14.529; 7. Dan Gundo, #6 Gundo Beast/Esslinger 14.529; 8. Gary Conterno, #55 Conterno Beast/Mopar 14.922; 9. Jodi Snider, #2k Lauren Snider Beast/Mopar 14.998; 10. Floyd Alvis, #18 Champion Automotive Stealth/Esslinger 15.561; 11. Bobby Wilson, #74w J&J Assoc. Stealth/Mopar 15.770; 12. J.R. Williams, #74 J&J Assoc. Stealth/EcoTech 15.929.

HEAT-1: Hamilton, Guerrini, Nichols, Gundo, Wilson, J. Snider.

HEAT-2: Gerhardt, M. Snider, Alvis, Mailepaard, Conterno, Williams

MAIN: 1. Gerhardt, 2. Maliepaard, 3. Nichols, 4. Hamilton, 5. Conterno, 6. Alvis, 7. M. Snider, 8. Gundo, 9. Wilson, 10.  J. Snider, 11. Guerrini, 12. Williams.


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