Vintage BCRA Midgets at Lakeport Speedway 5/16/2015


By June Wheeler-Ferreira

Hi all, WOW, what a day at Lakeport for us. It was kind of a long day as we left the Bay Area very early Saturday morning made our usual stop along the way at the Bluebird for a great breakfast. Then it was off to the track, where some of the Vintage Guys were already there. They came in Friday night and stayed over. Skies were little borderline and it starts a late afternoon not heavy but a pretty good sprinkle. There was some rain clouds hanging around most of the day.

Track time was a little late in getting started, we got a lot of it, 2 warm ups sessions, a heat and a 12 lap main. We had 6 Vintage cars on hand along with Legend cars, the Saturday night regulars and there was a full complement of regular midgets these drivers put on a show. The Midget main was event was unbelievable the fans really loved it. Frankie Guerrini finished first in the Midget main event, congrats Frankie, good job.

Before the main even started all the cars were rolled onto the main straight away for the Fans Appreciation, to come down from stands to the track for the fans to check them out. All the kids got helium filled balloons and all of the drivers with handout schedule cards to autograph them for the opening ceremony. The kids let all the balloons go and up they went, it look like the start of Indianapolis 500.

They had Drifters Cars that slide sideways all around the track it was quite a show. Our on track-time went well and the fans enjoyed seeing the old cars run. On a sad note Norm Rapp’s best friend Anne Wiedeman pass the first of May, RIP Ann.

On hand for our BCRA Vintage Midgets; #04 Harold Allen & Gary Peters, #16 Tommy Belfiore & Sammy Belfiore, #14 Paul Farajian,#1 Paul & June Ferreira, #26 Don Strsuch & VBic Strauch & #8 Richard Walsh & Lorraine Walsh (static display)

Our next event is 6/6/15 is at the Madera Speedway hope to see all there

June & Paul