7/6/12 BCRA Vintage Midget at Roseville Speedway

The sounds of Roseville; how loud is loud. Friday morning July the 6th we left around 11AM for a nice easy ride up to Roseville we stopped along the way as usual for a coffee call and lunch things couldn’t start happening a until after 3:30 because of the school across the street.

Once there we met up with 5 other BCRA Vintage guys to test the sounds to see how loud the cars are, there was 1 Offy, 1 Ford V8-60 and 3 Chevy II. There was also a modified to run along with us. Bonnie Chisholm and her gang from the WCRA were on hand to run the show. They put a guy at the top of turn 4 just over the wall with sound equipment to make the test. The sound level is 95 decimals at 50 feet, they sent each car out on the track by itself for 6 to 8 laps for the test after that the cars went out in groups of 4 to 5 each. Good news all the BCRA vintage midgets past with just a few minor adjustments.

We have to remember that these people are working very hard to comply with the noise levels and we have to do everything we can to try to keep the cars quiet as possible. The Roseville track has really came under some hard times with the noise levels. So guys let’s not get discourage, if we’re asked to try to make an attempt to get your car quieter if they can’t get the racers cooperation they could loose the track and Roseville is a great race track and it’s been there for many years and we don’t want it to be shut down. It’s the only track that has a vintage Classic weekend and we all have a good time at that event. All things are falling under hard times with smaller crowds and fewer cars at the tracks so lets try and deal with this noise thing and keep it going.

Driver’s that had their mufflers check; Greg Vroman #3 Offy, Don Strauch #26 Chevy II, Norm Gray #30 V8-60 Ford, Tommy Belfiore #16 Chevy II, Paul Ferreira #1 Chevy II & Jim De Jong #4.

That’s it for now hope to see all at the 5th Annual All American Classic VI, September 13 to15, June